21 November 2015

My SYW Personality Commanding Generals No IV

Below see some images of a newly remastered SYW command stand of mine. Its the Erbprinz, awestruck nicknamed "Achilles" by his French opponets. I have redone the laces of his coat making a better match to the Brunswick Leib-Regiment officers dress. The Kassel Museums Collection has a portrait of him dated 1763 where he looks just this way including the popular black hunting dress breeches. The saddlecloth is my own guess work. The portrait shows him along with his family “dismounted” missing the horse.

His entourage is made up or a newly painted officer of the Hannoverian J├Ągers (green dress). He may be Winzigerode or captain Friedrichs, adding the so much needed intelligence to his staff. He certainly does have the bigger spy-glass.

The two black uniformed blokes are his personal Garde d'Honneur. Its a troop of the Buckebourg Black Carabiniers. I painted them many years ago. Make no mistake – if you should ever make it to the gates of Walhalla, those very two gentlemen will receive you, for they'll be the Gate Guards. No doubt. You better know the Parole or watchword. If you miss it, you will not pass. They'll show you the short-cut way straight to hell, instead.


  1. That's a great command group. The Garde d'Honneur are fantastic. They add just a little menace to the scene - don't tangle with us!. Your painting of black on the figures and horses is just perfect. Best regards, Simon

  2. Always a real pleasure to have a look at the latest additions to your collection. Lovely work!

    Best Regards,


  3. Thanks for the compliments, guys.
    I love those two Black Carabiniers. They are the only ones I have, as the scale of the rules we play starts with units 500 men strong. These Buckebourg Carabiniers accounted for only 100 men at best, so I thought of including them with a command stand. They remain to count among the more iconic units linked with the SYW, thus, are a must have if you collect French vs Allies Western theatre of War. Nowadays I would make them a unit despite their inferior strengh, but given the fact that I already have more then needed Hannoverian and Hessian Hussars and Jagers, I decided to avoid painting too many troops just for the shelf.