27 January 2014

My SYW FRENCH Cavalry – inclusive dragons et troupes légères à cheval

Here are my mounted French units.

Voilà. Mon corps d'élite de la Gendarmerie de France. The figures are really belonging to a series of WSS French cavalry, but their dress matches with that of around 1745, as well. Their motions are so fantastic, that I decided to make them my SYW Corps, despite objections from among odd purists. They are missing the turn-backs and come with a blackened demi-cuirasse or breast-plate worn on top the coat. Note the officer with his complete cuirasse with the first image. This unit is among my favourites - clearly. No doubt. The miniatures are by Ochel, Kiel.

Mestre-de-Camp-Général Cavalerie. Miniatures by Grünewald.

Du Roi Cavalerie. Miniatures are former Neckel, now available at Berliner Zinnfiguren. This is a particulary nice set of figures. I believe they are designed by Friedrich Schirmer.

Cuirassiers du Roi. (Grünewald)

Corps d'élite des Carabiniers. (Ochel, except for the officier who I chose to represent the gallant comte de Gisors himself at the head of his unit at the battle of Krefeld, 1758, the minute before he got shot dead.)

Bourbon Cavalerie. (Grünewald)

Conti Cavalerie. (Grünewald). I love this unit. Its odd plain grey uniform along with the paille housings make for very stylish looks. At times, less is more - colour-wise speaking. Also note the awesome motion of the kettle drums. The man sure will defend them with all possible determination.

Clermont Cavalerie. (Grünewald)

Fumel Cavalerie. (Grünewald). I guess the right position of the kettle drums would be found more centered, but the figure looks so nice that I had to place it in a more prominent position. He is by Ochel, Kiel.

Penthièvre Cavalerie. (Grünewald)

Royal Cravates and Fitzjames Cavalerie.
(Grünewald). I only found these two stands yesterday. They are from the collection of my late friend Dr. Ramb, that I inherited last year. I wasn't aware he also had two regiments of French cavalry. The stands are a bit crowded. About 18 figures to the base mesauring 10 by 10 cm. That's too much. 10 to 12 is just fine.

Orléans Dragons. (Ochel and Grünewald). They are among my first miniatures painted back in the 70's when I was a teenager.

Caraman Dragons. (formerly Neckel, now Berliner Zinnfiguren)

d'Apchon Dragons. (Grünewald) Collection Dr. Ramb.

Skirmishing mounted elements of the Volontaires de Clermont -Dragons, légères. (Ochel with converted hats à la Schomberg) The brazing and cutting business was quite an effort. Not sure if I would have the patience for all this today.

Now, literaly arriving at the lower end: voilà, the notorious brigands known as Chasseurs de Fischer, skirmishing, while awaiting the best moment to fall upon their opponents. (Ochel, Prussian hussars in summer dress with a converted Austrian trumpeter) Take hold of your wallet and other valuable belongings while looking at the image. They might steel it all. That's what they really after.

25 January 2014

My SYW FRENCH Infanterie

This is my Seven Years' War French infantry units. Only few are missing.
Its the 3 line regiments of d'Eu, Briqueville, and Condé, that are currently being re-done, and the light troups of Fischer and Clermont-prince.

I'm intending to arrange my French army in a way, that it will field most or nearly all regiments/brigades for the battle of Minden, as well as to be of the right size for the campaign of 1760. I plan to create a campaign game, or a series of fictional "would be" battles here. Minden has always been my most favorite battle to game, so I want my French troops to be most authentic for this battle. For the 1760 campaign, I have most detailed day-by-day records, and this will provide for a number of very interesting scenarios.
My lately painted regiments of Grenadiers Royaux.

Note their stylish cartridge pouches. They sure have been manufactured at the early Louis Vuitton work shops.

My Grenadiers Royaux based and ready for battle. Its the regiments de Narbonne and Modène.

My Grenadiers de France.
Picardie. The rearward stand includes some of my oldest figures, that I must have painted when I was a teenager.

The hard fighting regiment de Belzunce. A must have to any French army fielded for the campaigns in Germany.


Dufort and Bretagne. Dufort belongs to the Collection of my late friend Fred. His troops are mostly painted miniatures purchased at E-Bay.

La Couronne. I'm thinking of turning it into the more important regiment of Auvergne, to make my troops a better match for the ORBAT of Minden.


La Reine.

The German regiment Royal-Deux-Ponts. Seen with the uniform of 1760/61. Before that it was white. Not sure if I got the flags right.

The German regiments d'Anhalt and Prince Louis de Nassau

The German regiment Berg and the Volontaires de Flande light troops.

Voilà. Les Suisses: Regiment de Diesbach.

Lochmann, suisse.
Mon brigade Irlandoise. Its the regiments Berwick, Claire, and Bulkely.