05 June 2017

My most recent & earlier paint jobs since Nov 2016

I wanted to share a couple of pics with my paint jobs done November 2016 through May 2017. I haven't managed to post much during that time, besides our Hochkirch Refight. I continue to pursue my self chosen mission to complete at least a 100 miniatures in a year from among my drawers pile of unpainted miniatures left. I wasn't idle, really.
During May, I finished a battalion of Prussian Grenadiers. Converged IR 13 & 26. For the first time, I added a battalion gun with an infantry stand. I'm very pleased with the result. After all, I found a good use of my various flat gun models that I have.

These firing grenadier miniatures are a real treasure. Very rare old pre WWII casts of Kieler Zinnfiguren. I'm afraid you cannot buy them anymore. Really wonderfully sculptured or better engraved casting moulds were mastered here. The gun model is a Berliner Zinnfiguren 6-pounder model - their take, I should say, but quite fine dimensionwise.
During March and April 2017 I did two infantry regiment stands. One is the Prussian IR 18 Prinz von Preussen, or Prince Royal, with my units throughout French language labeling. The other is the Hesse-Cassel regiment Mansbach (IR 8). The miniatures are a mix of various foundries. Mostly Scholtz – i.e. Berliner Zinnfiguren.

Earlier in February I painted another battailon or Prussian converged Grenadiers. Its the elites from among the Prussian crack regiments Garde IR 15 & Prinz von Preussen IR 18. Miniatures are mostly Hamburg based Herbu foundry. The smart looking mounted officer is from Scholtz, Berlin.

In January, I painted a nice set of French dismounted dragoons. Its the regiment of d'Apchon, I did here.
Really smart looking lads.
I had this set of figures on my must-have-list since the 1980's! Believe it or not, but I only managed to buy them last year. I never had any use for dismounted cavalry in my rules, until my research on the French 7YW army during the early 2000's revealed that French dragoons had been seen fighting dismounted moreoften during the war, as they were more seen as light troops rather then cavalry of the line.

Finally, during Nov-Dec 2016 I painted a whole load of Russian Cannoniers. They are mostly figures from my late friends collection that I inherited. My now completed range of rather authentic looking 7YW Russian gun models, that I had done during the previous years demanded for equal looking Russian Cannoniers. Only thanks to a present by Jim Purky, the gun models could be completed with three more of his wonderful Fife&Drum Foundry Russian Unicorn models. I now have 7 gun models completed. Two more of the F&D Unicorn models & a Foundry medium cannon I still need to do. The Cannoniers I did in rather short time. Its 58 men total. Enough to man my gun models. Most are Kieler Zinnfiguren, a number are conversions of mine & 6 rather obscure figures seem to originate from a Russian foundry – not a German one.
The Fife&Drum Unicorn is the mosle left model in above image.

Two Foundry Schuwalov secret howitzers seen here. The gun crew of the front piece appear to be figures from a Russian based foundry. Very nice figures. They were already painted rather nice. I just added a bit more highlights and shading. I'm not so sure about the head gear. These mitres look more like Viennese gondolas. Apart from my frew grenadiers intermingled with my gunners, they are the only ‘real’ Russian miniatures. Bombardiers they are, rather then Cannoniers. All other figures are Prussian gunners, really. No German foundry supplies Russian models, as far as I'm aware.