15 November 2016

The Great SYW Battlefield Tour Oct 2016

Here are a few pictures of a great tour of Frederick the Greats battlefiels of the 7YW, I took part in earlier in October this year. The trip was organized by the great guys of the US based so called "Seven Year's War Association" & guided by the good professor Christopher Duffy. Its the man soley responsible for my continued passion to the subject. Its all his fault, and I am so thankful. I had the honour to be part of this wonderful trip. Below see a few images of the gang taking part.

The Gang seen at the monument on the battlefield of Kolin. I say its the largest gathering of educated experts ever to assemble around this monument. All are SYW experts. No doubt.

The battlefield of Kolin in closer investigation. Charles Grant judges the field of fire from the Austrian held village of Krechor Church on the right flank of their Kolin position. I am awaiting his future writings on the subject. 

The Gang seen in front of the famous Church walls of the village of Lutnia/Leuthen in Poland today.

Another cold and rainy day. The Gang taking pictures of the churchtower of Hochkirch from a distance in the direction of Bautzen. :-) The guys aren't photo adict Japaneese tourists, as this image may imply, be sure, they are all US Americans :-)
From this image you can tell the sort of excitement we all shared when seeing the historic grounds of history.  This church tower formed such a formidal land mark in the area. Also important in Napoleons 1813 battle of Bautzen I learned.  
In the wake of this great trip, I started painting some Russians. The battlefields of Kunersdorf & Zorndorf were the last we visited. Kunersdorf was so special as I managed to arrange for a meeting with a local Polish Historian who showed us his past years exgravations from the battlefield & some interesting sites on the ground. It was a real highlight of this trip. I haven't done all that many photos. A good journal of our trip can be found on Jim Purky's Blog (Der Alte Fritz) at:
See his October 2016 articles here.
Below see an image of my latest work-in-progress. The Kunersdorf battlefield left me with a deep impression. Now I started remastering My Russian Army, inheritted some years ago from a late loved friend of mine

More on this with my next article. Stay tuned.