03 October 2009

Russian Artillery

Here are 4 pieces of Russian ordnance. Foreground right is a "Unicorn" howitzer. Propably the most famous of Russian guns during the 7YW. Scale for all seems to be a bit larger then for 30 mm. I purchased them at this years Kulmbach/Germany convention in August. No idea what foundry they are, but they are very well done casts. Distributer is a certain A. Fingrut, a Russian located in Pforzheim/Germany. Foreground left is an early 7YW 3-pdr regimental cannon with it's distinctive 2 Cohorn type 6-pdr mortars fixed to it's "fork-carriage" that does not require a limber. It had a 2-horse draught. Background left is a 12-pdr cannon and right is to be a heavy half pud Russian scale howitzer which would approx. resemble a German 16-pdr or French/English 8 inch class howitzer . The barrel, though, is a spare piece from an English foundry, but should do o.k. In the rear of the image, I have placed an Austrian 6-pdr "Falcon" of the innovative 1753 Feuerstein ordnance with 2 cannoniers to get a feel for the scales.

The Russian 3 pound regimental piece in close up view.

Close up view of the ‘Unicorn', which I take to be the 8-pdr piece. The carriage seems to be somewhat oversized, though. Wheels are o.k.


  1. On the Lace Wars Group you promised 'pretty pictures' and indeed they are -and far more than that!
    The combination 3-pdr cannon / 6-pdrs mortars on the same regimental gun carriage is amazing. Were the mortars fired from this position, or fixed there merely for moving? Really intringuing...
    Your skills in scratchbuilding artillery models and painting 'flats' are admirable, as is the thorough research backing them.

    Compliments and thanks for sharing,

  2. Very interesting and beautifully painted.