24 September 2015

7YW Artillery – Saxe-Poland – Annex

I thought it worthwile sharing below rare image. The original painting I first saw with my visit of the Dresden museum in October 2013. I have never seen it printed in any publication before.
Scene of the battle of Hohenfriedberg 4 June 1745. Painting by Carl Röchling, now Collection of the German Army or Bundeswehr Museum of Military History, Dresden – The former Saxon Army Museum.

We see the Saxon Gardes engaged in – I may say: a ‘smart retreat’ – just to avoid using the rather disgraceful term ‘rout’ and behind Prussian grenadiers in close pursuit, on the point of crushing them. All my fingers crossed the Saxons will make good their escape – and save this cannon from being captured. This cannon illustrated in the centre is really quite interesting. Most obviously, it is Röchling's interpretation of the Saxon Geschwind-Stück entitled bataillon gun that I have presented with my previous article below  at
armies.blogspot.de/search/label/Saxon SYW Artillery
This one here should be the earlier 3-pounder. I have done the larger standard 6-pounder for the 1756 army. Röchling's take is somewhat sketchy, for he should have had the 1766 model as single visual reference instead of the earlier design that I present. But it is clearly showing the odd square backpart of the barrel or machine-case (?) so distinctive for the looks of this piece when seen from a distance.

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  1. Thanks for posting the image of this magnificent work, which I had not seen before, and for your insight into the artillery.