13 September 2015

My SYW Brunswick & Hesse-Cassel Infantry

After a long pause from March to July, I finally started to add a few more units to My SYW Allied Army. The Brunswick infantry is the first to recive attention. My former units all had wrong flag designs and my old regiment Imhoff I had in doublle strength. Below see my latest paint job: the Brunswick Leib-Regiment.

I prefer my custom old French entitlement Bronsvic Régt. Du Corps. As can be seen, I opted for the old flag design documentsd to around 1754. I like it so much more then the "prussianized" design introduced after 1754 (see kronoskaf). However, the oldest illustration of the new design seems to date no earlier then post SYW, I believe. The smoking gun proving the new design was around by the SYW is missing, really. It is just speculation based on the reorganization from 1 battalion to Prussian style 2 battalion footing, which also demanded for new sets of flags. It is generally believed that also the new flags were introduced at the same time. A very just assumption, but I so much prefer this rather classic "Protestant German" flag design. It matches so well with that of the Hessians, as well of my last year's raised Saxons in 7YW French service.
Detail of the centre command post section of a poster sized 
original Rangier-Rolle [Engl: Size-Roll ?] 
headlined: Rangier-Rolle von des Hochfürstlichen Leib-Regiments 
ersten Bataillon, im Monat May 1752 [sic.]
The blue regimental flag also bears duke Charles I. lat. devise: 
Nunquam Retrorsum  in Roman Capitals, which I ignored with my painted flags.

Earlier, I did the regiment von Behr (red flag), and I gave one stand of my old regiment von Imhoff a new flag (green) and black gaitors.

The unit seen in the upper left background is my second stand of Imhoff that I will convert to regiment von Zastrow with yellow facings and a yellow flag. 
And while I was engaged converting some Brunswickers, I also took the effort to repaint 2 of my Hesse-Cassel infantry flags.

Its the regiments Prinz Wilhelm, later Erbprinz, IR12 (light blue flag) and the Grenadier Regiment later Zweite Garde, (yellow flag).
More new painted as well as remastered Hessians are to follow within soon.


  1. Very nice work, the style of the flats works well. I'm envious of your armies!
    You use Volley & Bayonet if I remember correctly. Are your bases the standard sizes divided in two or another size completely?

  2. Thanks Neil.
    I use the standard base size, but somewhat enlargened. My 3 inch base size is really 10 cm, otherwise my 30 mm sets of figures wouldn't fit. I also cut all my bases in half. It still remains one stand rulewise. The reason was my worries for the well being of my miniatures. I had to much damage like broken swords and bayonets with my former larger bases. With the last Minden battle, I had none of this anymore. Also march columns can be represented much better, as we use them a lot in our games. And least, I can also play other rule sets with my new smaller bases.

  3. Thanks Christian,
    Interestingly I was contemplating using exactly the same size square base (50mm or 2") for my 30mm Spencer Smith plastics! The main reason being the figure bases would mean offsetting the two ranks. I had also decided on two bases so as to be able to show march columns properly, as I didn't like the idea of turning the base sideways; just wouldn't look right with marching figures!
    I think the bigger bases look good, as well as providing better protection.
    2x 50mm bases are the standard for Sam Mustafa's "Might & Reason".
    I have SYW troops that need rebasing, but my Spencer Smith's are for C18th "Imaginations". I do like your flats but doubt I could paint them as well as you.

  4. Christian,

    You have such a deft hand with your flats. Fantastic looking units!


  5. Christian,
    Quite superb. I like your idea to paint the older Brunswick flag; it looks so much better. If you don't mind I will do the same.
    Best regards,

  6. These are spectacular! Also, I appreciated your posting of the manuscript page with color renderings of the pre-1754 flags. Do you have a color image of the page with five Prussian-style Fahnen from 1754? I have only seen black and white version in Ortenburg.

  7. I do have the article by Ortenburg publ in Zeitschrift für Heereskunde No 431 2009.
    It has 3 Prussian style flags in colour. Dated 1776. Its two Leib-Regiment (blue-white) and 1 Prince Frederic (black-yellow). No more.